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The Fiberglass Mold Technician performs duties such as diagnosing issues in performing cosmetic repairs, replacing defective parts, applying fiber layers to surfaces, sculpting materials, using molds to create new parts, building new molds, and performing maintenance on existing molds and creating new molds as production schedules dictate.


The Finishing Packaging Associate ensures all finished products are properly packaged and prepared for shipping to customers. This role performs duties such as diagnosing issues and performing cosmetic repairs, inspecting defective parts, performing quality control procedures, and preparing parts for transportation with packaging materials and equipment.


The Forklift Operator performs duties operating machines used to lift heavy materials, goods, and equipment. Operators need to be skilled in maneuvering forklifts through warehouses and loading docks while adhering to strict safety protocols, using several types of forklifts, including sit-down models, stand-up models, and order pickers, depending on the load being handled. They also inspect forklift equipment regularly and keep it clean and maintained.


This position is responsible for performing a variety of tasks related to the production of fiberglass tubs, including the use of hand and power tools, heavy lifting, and maintaining a clean work area. No prior experience is necessary, as we will provide on-the-job training.


The primary responsibility of the Maintenance Mechanic is to maintain and repair manufacturing equipment, ensure adherence to maintenance schedules, and troubleshoot and repair various facility machinery. The ideal candidate should have a strong mechanical aptitude, be able to work independently and have a commitment to safety and quality.


The main material handler duties revolve around placing incoming orders on shelves and picking merchandise according to part production requirements. As a Material Handler, you’ll also monitor inventory and communicate any shortages and receipt inspect orders for accuracy and quality. You should have great attention to detail and outgoing interpersonal skills.


The Finishing Technician performs duties such as diagnosing issues and performing cosmetic repairs, inspecting defective parts, and performing quality control procedures. Finishers can even out dents and mistakes, apply the desired color or coating, and level the top layers of exteriors. The fiberglass finisher is responsible for performing all phases of fiberglass and gel coat repair on assigned parts with minimal supervision.


The Mold Prep Technician prepares the molds for the manufacturing process by cleaning, waxing, and prepping them for use. The position is responsible for applying wax to fiberglass molds and operating the molds in a high-speed production facility environment while ensuring accuracy, and attention to detail, performing quality control procedures, and preparing parts for transportation.


The Fiberglass Chop Gun Operator is to operate the chop gun and other equipment in the manufacturing process to create high-quality fiberglass tubs. The ideal candidate should be experienced with chop gun operation and have a strong commitment to safety and quality, producing high-quality fiberglass parts. You will be required to work in a fast-paced environment and should be able to operate machinery efficiently while ensuring that production targets are met. 


The Gel Coat Operator is skilled in the application of liquid resin and catalyst to mold surfaces, and roving/chopping fiberglass. Maintains a clean workspace and quality part creation in a high-speed production facility.


This position is responsible for trimming excess material from fiberglass parts using hand and power tools, inspecting part quality, and ensuring accuracy and attention to detail in a high-speed production facility environment.


The Facilities Manager will be responsible for the day-to-day facility operations and management, maintaining high attention to detail, shipping and receiving operations, order tracking, part production, production deadlines, material storage, distribution, inventory tracking, and employee management.

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